Friday, April 15, 2016

Straw Bale Gardening - End Season Funk

By the end of the growing season, the straw or hay bale will be as attractive as before. The bales will have turned into compost causing the whole area to look messy and untidy. In case you have planted large crops such as tomatoes, they may begin to tip over because the bales cannot hold them any longer. In the later situation, extra staking will work just fine for the tall plants and leaving the short ones to sprawl will be a good idea. 

Your first problem should not worry you especially considering the benefits you get. Sometime you have to judge if the benefits of straw bale gardening outweigh the negatives and ignore. After all, the lack of aesthetic appeal will only be short lived as you have to distribute the compost and prepare new bales for the next crop and planting season.
As you have noticed above, the profits of straw bale planting are more depending on what you plant on your straw bale garden. This is the obvious reason why this type of farming is attractive to most people. Furthermore, this is one of the easiest way to plant a small garden and save you the extra expense on groceries. You can channel this money to something more productive. There has never been a better way to enhance small space gardening.
However, if you intent to do it in large scale, you might have to invest in more straw and time needed to prepare your bales. If you do not have the much space you could easily convert into a backyard garden, you could even opt to work with your basement provided you have the right lighting to simulate the sunshine.
Understanding what you want from your straw bale garden from setting it up will help you set everything right. Everything, from the nutrient composition to the garden’s depth is directly related to the plants you have in mind. Coupling this with your own creativity is the sure way to establishing a versatile garden that will work well for you always.
Straw bale gardening is the best solution for any person that has been disapproved to garden on his plot due to one reason or another. Soil tests may be showing that your garden is doomed due to fertility and pest issues. This could very easily ruin your desire to have a sustainable kitchen garden to supply your home needs and get you extra income in case of surplus. Luckily, this does not have to be the case with the possibilities that straw bale gardening offers. This transformative technology can change your life with an expenditure totaling to less than a hundred dollars.
This simple and rather strange method of panting crops in hay or straw bales could be the solution you have been waiting for. Furthermore, no special training is required for you to master the basics and become an ambassador for the same after you witness its effective results. Make sure you learn how to prepare the bales for cropping using the most appropriate techniques as discussed earlier.

It may take a few months to be able to provide your household with sufficient vegetables it needs. Find out the crops you want to grow and consider how each of them should be grown in bales. You can find this information online and from different journals and documentations on the same. You can look at samples and success stories and testimonials before trying out. After all, you do not have to start with more than one bale until you familiarize and realize the benefits.

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