Friday, April 15, 2016

Why You Need to Get Yourself the Chromecast Dongle

We are living in tough economical times. Anything that guarantees you saving a couple of dollars for exceptional services is welcomed by any means. It is just $35. It cannot possible get any better than that. It is better to make use of the offer as it still available. You never know, sometime along the line, the developers may just decide to raise the fee and sight a list of reasons you would not understand. 

Furthermore, the other viable option goes for $99. This would be that apple TV. At the moment, the Chromecast is your better option. Go for it.
The Chromecast needs at least a digital TV with HDMI port. A nearby USB port would be great to power your Chromecast and reduce on the number of wires you have to run to get it working. If you want more functionality, you could consider exploring the Chromebit, a better version that turns your TV into a computer.
Here are some of the reasons why I think you should get your own Chromecast dongle
It hosts most of the apps that you would need
At the beginning, Chromecast had only four compatible applications. These were YouTube, Netflix, Google play music, Google play movies and TV. With time, applications such as Hulu plus, Pandora radio, HBO GO joined in. This was a good move which later on lead to the Google team inviting app developers to a two day hackathon. The aim was to test drive the SDK’s (software development kit) upcoming release. Among those who attended there were 40 developers from 30 companies. It resulted in the production of 10 additional applications.
The SDK was later opened to all developers on February 3, 2014. What this means is that you should expect a lot more from chrome cast than what is available at the moment. It is still growing and being improved by the day. Getting your dongle today makes you part of the growth.
With an SDK in the market, the geeky ones could venture into the programmer in them to develop some clever app that will make their system more interesting.
It is simple
You only need the chrome cast (a small device measuring 2.83 inches) , your TV set, smartphone/pc, and Wi-Fi connection. That is all you need to get started on the journey to great entertainment. Installing will not take long. There is no remote required since your smartphone is your remote. It controls the volume and everything else. Provided you know your way around your phone, then you will not need any further training or understanding.
Its small size makes it possible for it to be carried around. You can therefore carry it to a friend’s place to enjoy streaming movies, videos or music that you both love. The device also has low maintenance costs. After you have plugged it in, yours is to enjoy. Its power consumption is very low and does not use bandwidth when it is on standby.
Offers high quality entertainment

The dongle enables you to stream high quality HD pictures, videos and movies online. The internet is home to a lot of entertainment and Chromecast just gives you the ability to watch all of them on your television set. There are no regulations. Provided it is on the internet, you are able to view it on a large TV screen. If you happen to be one of those people who are tired and fed up with rules and regulations, it is time to move to a more liberal platform. You do not have to put up with boring television networks anymore.

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